Miners embrace carbon offsets, renewable-powered ASICs and commitments to decarbonise as Elon Musk drops bitcoin bombshell
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DEEP-DIVE: Whatever the motive, Elon Musk’s bitcoin broadside can only be A Good Thing for cryptocurrencies and the climate
Plus: Expensive gas = expensive hydrogen, scarcity erodes trade barriers, bitcoin ‘revolutionising’ energy + MORE
Central American country to harness volcanic energy to mine cryptocurrency, which it now accepts as legal tender alongside the US dollar
Plus: Natural gas pricing itself out of the transition, Texas embraces gas-fired bitcoin mining, Russia’s bold helium play + MORE
Will ex-Chinese mining rigs tap Iranian hydrocarbons, or seek greener power sources in North America?
Mobile data centre consumes enough gas for more than 1,500 homes
Iris Energy's use of Canadian dams makes it attractive to ESG investors
DEEP-DIVE: The energy industry has an opportunity to help forge a new global monetary order 💥Energy Flux💥 Friday, 9th April 2021
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