Welcome to Energy Flux

Reflections on the energy transition, decarbonisation, disruptive clean tech and net zero policies

Welcome to Energy Flux by me, Seb Kennedy. This newsletter offers personal reflections on the accelerating energy transition, decarbonisation of natural gas networks, zero-carbon hydrogen and how net zero policies impact corporate strategy and investment decisions.

Energy Flux is an entirely personal endeavour, free to read with no advertising and not affiliated with any third party. As such it is an honest account of truths as I see them from the leading edge of the burgeoning energy transition.

Some of the major narratives that will be explored include:

  • How commercial strategy and business decisions are being shaped in an era of hydrocarbons over-supply, low prices and deep economic uncertainty

  • The popular repudiation of natural gas as a ‘bridge fuel’ to net zero emissions—despite the current dearth of viable alternatives to replace it today

  • Varying outlooks for hydrogen demand, and the ‘blue’ vs ‘green’ battle for H2 market share

  • Big Oil’s belated pivot towards Big Energy, and the US-EU corporate divide over climate risk

  • The gulf between oil industry rhetoric around carbon capture and reality of under-investment

  • Energy security and geopolitical implications of the shift towards cleaner energy sources

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