What is Energy Flux?

If you’re tired of divisive energy and climate discourse, you’re in the right place.

Founded by seasoned energy editor Seb Kennedy, Energy Flux offers thoughtful and balanced analysis of the global transition to clean energy sources.

The newsletter is 100% editorially independent. You won’t find any advocacy dressed up as journalism here.

Energy Flux has no agenda other than to decipher the increasing complexity facing the energy industry from climate change, geopolitics, tech and finance.

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Who is it for?

The energy debate has been hijacked by vested interests on both sides, polarising the conversation and squeezing out nuance. Taking a balanced view is now a radical act, and risks you being condemned as either a ‘green extremist’ or a ‘fossil fuel shill’.

But the middle ground is where most people sit when they contemplate the tricky trade-offs and complexities around fuel choices, convenience, sustainability, climate, the economy and social justice.

Energy Flux aims to engage, enlighten and entertain anybody with an open mind and a passing or professional interest in:

  • fossil fuels

  • clean energy

  • climate risk

  • investment strategies

  • the interplay between the energy transition and other socio-economic megatrends

What does it cover?

Key topics include:

What do you get?

Premium members receive a weekly newsletter every Friday. Once a month, they receive a deep-dive feature or an exclusive interview with a prominent player in the energy transition.

The weekly news emails:
  • cover a handful of key industry stories

  • give a concise rundown of the salient facts

  • explain why, in the grand scheme of things, they matter — stories that either move the market, or speak to underlying trends

  • track major developments and under-reported events of significance

  • link to ‘hot takes’ and cutting edge energy-related thought leadership published in other outlets

See for yourself. Here’s an example:

Energy Flux
Demand destruction stalks Europe
The unfolding global energy crisis has added urgency to the slow-burning debate on the role of reducing demand to achieve climate objectives. The trouble is, most people are looking through the wrong end of the telescope. When markets turn febrile, the first casualty is perspective…
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The deep-dives:
  • offer a more granular critique of what’s moving the energy transition needle

  • establish fresh narratives that seek to challenge accepted wisdoms

  • analyse exogenous socio-economic factors that influence, and are influenced by, the evolution of the energy industry

  • are bursting with forward-thinking insight and critical analysis

  • embrace lateral thinking

See for yourself in the archive, or browse the interviews and deep-dives listed on the right of the Energy Flux homepage.

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A hub for energy aficionados

Energy Flux aspires to become a buzzing community of avid energy readers; a space for engineers and visionaries, investors and campaigners, asset managers and academics to discuss the latest energy transition milestones.

Premium members can join the debate by commenting on articles and participating in discussion threads.

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Stay up-to-date, without the hassle

There is more going on across the gamut of energy markets and technologies than any one newsletter can cover alone, and there are already plenty of news outlets dedicated to covering each sub-sector in granular detail.

Energy Flux takes a step back from the news blizzard to reflect on a few hand-picked stories, filtering out the noise to serve up a polished and eclectic mix of news and views from the edge of the decarbonisation and digitalisation megatrends.

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Publishing downtime

Energy Flux will not publish during:

  • Easter

  • Christmas

  • UK national holidays

  • part of the UK summer (precise dates TBC)

I will strive to limit these non-publishing periods to no more than ten weeks per calendar year (in aggregate), and will give every reader a heads-up before any downtime.

A small caveat

As a family man juggling a sole editorial venture around the school run, life might disrupt things a bit from time to time. If it does, I’ll give premium members as much forewarning as possible about unplanned changes to the publishing schedule. I will also seek to recoup any lost issues (beyond the ten-week limit) later in the year as necessary.

Style, ethics and worldview

Want to know more about the editorial approach and journalistic integrity of Energy Flux ? Check out the Style and Ethics section here:

Style and Ethics

What about the ‘lens’ through which this newsletter views the energy industry? Read the Energy Flux worldview here:

The Energy Flux worldview

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Page last updated: 19th January 2022