What is Energy Flux?

If you’re tired of divisive energy and climate discourse, you’re in the right place.

Energy Flux is written by me, Seb Kennedy, to offer thoughtful and balanced analysis of the global transition to clean energy sources.

The urgency of the twin climate and energy crises demand a clearer understanding of the trade-offs inherent in each solution pathway. Energy Flux has no agenda other than to provide a space for nuanced and considered discussion of those trade-offs.

Who is it for?

The energy debate has been hijacked by vested interests on both sides, polarising the conversation and squeezing out nuance. Taking a balanced view is now a radical act, and risks you being condemned as either a ‘green extremist’ or a ‘fossil fuel shill’.

But the middle ground is where most people sit when they contemplate the tricky trade-offs and complexities around fuel choices, convenience, sustainability, climate, the economy and social justice.

Energy Flux aims to engage, enlighten and entertain anybody with an open mind and a passing or professional interest in:

  • fossil fuels versus clean energy

  • energy policy & market design

  • energy geopolitics

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Energy Flux is a passion project, written in my spare time and often in the middle of the night when the words and ideas flow freely. Every donation — however small — helps keep me up at night (in a good way!)

About me

I am a freelance energy journalist and market analyst using data to carve out engaging narratives that shed light on the economics of decarbonisation.

I’ve been writing about energy since 2008, when I started as a cub reporter on the UK renewables beat. Since then I have written for a variety of trade publications and consultancies about oil and gas, LNG, hydrogen, energy geopolitics, market design/regulation and climate policy. Check out my LinkedIn bio here.

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Seb Kennedy

Founding editor, Energy Flux - dispatches from the edge of the energy transition. Freelance energy wordsmith.