Wholesale gas prices collapsed at the end of 2022. But the economics of gas power plants remain extremely challenged
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And none more so than natural gas

December 2022

DEEP DIVE: The need to reduce gas demand - and political squabbling - has never been more urgent
Coal saved China’s hydro-reliant provinces during this summer’s extreme drought. But using thermal plants to prop up the grid during dry periods risks…

November 2022

New pastures, new partnerships
But ‘exceptional’ gas trading propels earnings

October 2022

Gas stocks are almost full, but don't rejoice yet
Extended outage during relocation

July 2022

More American gas in Europe means more price pain for American consumers — and vice-versa

June 2022

DEEP DIVE: Burning gas to replace curtailed wind is madness. Nodal pricing does not restore sanity.
DEEP DIVE: What exactly is nodal pricing and why does it mean a return to central dispatch?