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Beware the perils of signing long-term energy deals under duress + MORE

First up: Inflation and volatility are roiling the market for green power purchase agreements (PPAs). Corporations are being urged to lock in power prices as wind and solar costs soar. That’s this week’s breakout story — click through for more (~7 minute read):

Energy Flux
Inflation and volatility roil green PPA market
Buying green electricity via a long-term power purchase agreement offers a great way for corporations and utilities to insulate themselves from price volatility and reduce their carbon footprints. Energy-intensive companies that signed PPAs prior to the global energy crunch are sitting pretty. Some are making good margins reselling cheap power into red…
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Plus: There is renewed appetite for long-term energy procurement, which is probably A Good Thing. But buyers should beware the pitfalls of making rash decisions in desperate circumstances.

Also: The UK government is starting to grapple with the thorny issue of how to pay for net zero. And there’s fresh data on bitcoin’s energy footprint.

That’s all right here in this email. Here’s the full line-up:

Transition lines:

  • Beware the perils of dealmaking under duress

  • UK faces up to net zero tax bill

  • Will the bitcoin energy debate ever be settled?

  • Roundup of global energy transition headlines

🧠Energised minds:

  • ‘Surging energy prices won’t ease until next year’

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