Going weekly

In search of a sustainable publishing schedule...

After a summer of adventure and reflection, I’ve come to realise that the thrice-weekly publishing schedule I set for myself is too demanding to maintain in its current form. TLDR, Energy Flux will be switching to a weekly schedule from now on: one newsletter every Thursday evening, starting this week.

The overall editorial proposition remains unchanged: an eclectic mix of energy-related headlines, news analysis, deep-dives and interviews.

In fact, it will be enhanced. Publishing three newsletters per week tilted the balance towards news coverage, and left precious little time for higher-value, original content or critical thought. Reduced frequency will allow for a more refined, analytical product that demands less of your reading time.

The weekly email will keep you up-to-date with all the big news events and under-reported developments over the last seven days, with links to stand-alone articles that I’ve uploaded throughout the week.

The deep-dives and interviews will be published throughout the year, at least once per month but hopefully more since (in theory) I’ll have a bit more time to write them.

Feel free to reach out if you want to discuss any of the above.

As ever, thank you for supporting Energy Flux. It means the world to me.