Just a quick note to say…

Happy New Year to Energy Flux readers!

The newsletter is taking a prolonged break while I recharge my creative batteries and, most importantly, help to keep my two young children busy and enriched during the UK’s latest lockdown.

Also, some personal news: Yesterday was my last working day in full time employment. I walked away from a good-paying editorial job at an energy consultancy to turn my passion project into a commercial success. It is hugely exciting and utterly terrifying in equal measures.

So, Energy Flux will be relaunched in the coming weeks with some new features and a formal publishing schedule. I’ll send out a full value proposition as soon as it is ready.

Until then, thank you for your ongoing interest in my writing, and for your patience while I develop what I hope will be a highly valuable and entertaining editorial offering.


P.S. For those who are new to Energy Flux, there’s plenty to read for free in the archive – it’s all here.

P.P.S. I’ve changed the website colour theme to white text on black background, as this consumes a bit less power on people’s devices and is easier on the eyes for night-time reading.