Focussing on what matters

Rejigging the schedule and format to provide maximum value to premium members

Since Energy Flux relaunched as a premium offering, I’ve been searching for the right balance between the frequency of newsletters and the quality of their content.

To ensure the product is as engaging as possible (and avoid spreading the butter too thinly), Energy Flux is changing its publishing schedule to a thrice-weekly format as follows:

  • Week 1: Newsletter emails Monday, Wednesday and Friday

  • Week 2: Newsletter emails Monday and Wednesday, deep-dive feature on Friday

Also, each premium story will be uploaded as its own separate paywalled article on the Energy Flux website. The newsletter will provide a brief summary and link to read more. This will mean shorter newsletters with the option for premium members to click through and go deeper.

I created Energy Flux with a deliberately wide editorial remit that includes not only the full gamut of energy-related technologies, but also high-level climate diplomacy, regulation and policy, investment and finance, digital/tech innovation and even societal/consumption trends.

I firmly believe that understanding the energy transition requires a pan-sectoral approach that explains how events in one segment impact another, and vice-versa. Energy Flux is not just another siloed energy industry news outlet.

The new schedule will provide the time required to track events in all these areas and fully research topics of coverage. The new format provides space to report back with genuine insights that readers can’t find elsewhere, without cramming it all into one email.

These changes allow me to focus on the core mission: to offer new perspectives and expand thinking. In this way, Energy Flux will deliver the maximum possible value to premium members.

The thrice-weekly format also avoids overloading people. I hope it creates a sustainable ‘every other day’ reading rhythm throughout your working week.

So, the next issue of Energy Flux will be published tomorrow (Wednesday), followed by the latest deep-dive feature on Friday.

I’m more excited than ever with the line-up of cracking content headed your way. As ever, many thanks for supporting Energy Flux, and feel free to reach out with any feedback, ideas or suggestions.

Seb Kennedy | Energy Flux